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The Silver Helmet


When the Godron and Calton clans, who are sworn enemies, are banished from a Viking settlement they settle in lands on either side of the Redron Sea. The Godron are a peaceful, hard working people but are attacked regularly by the warlike Caltons.

Bradnor, who is the son of the Calton Chieftain, has a hatred of his cousin Saven the only man who can match him in warrior craft. When it is decided that Bradnor will one day marry the beautiful Carloon he taunts Saven and a fight ensues which Saven wins. The result is he has to leave the settlement and cross the Redron Sea to hide in the land of the Godrons.

The Godrons have been promised that one day a warrior with mystical powers will come amongst them to deliver them from this tyranny. Saven eventually helps them to attempt to make this happen when a magical silver helmet and breastplate are placed on the Chosen One who will lead the clans to a final victory over their adversaries.

An adventure to take its place in the young readers's library.


The Silver Helmet will be published in June by CAAB Publishing of Chichester.

It contains some mild description of violence but is suitable for 11 to 15 year old readers.