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The Last Letter From Erin's Isle

Colonel Conor O'Sullivan is a retired Irish Army officer. He has left his home in Ireland to deliver a letter which has been in his possession for over forty years. Originally from Canada he became entangled in historic events which exploded in the early 20th century on the other side of the Atlantic in Europe and Ireland.

The letter is to be delivered to the family of an English soldier who saved O'Sullivan's life in the First World War when he was wounded in the Third Battle of Ypres. He had fallen into a shell crater and was awaiting capture or death by a German patrol when a soldier from Lancashire jumped into the hole and gave him first aid. The young soldier had other ideas regarding being a prisoner of war and rescued O'Sullivan by carrying him across the battlefield to a field hospital. The pair become firm friends and O'Sullivan felt he now owed him a debt of honour no matter what life throws up for the pair of them in the coming years.

Despite O’Sullivan’s efforts to keep him safe the soldier lost his life in Ireland during the War of Independence, shot down by a sniper’s bullet. Down through the years many things, including the Irish Civil War, the Second World War and the death of his wife stopped him from delivering the letter to the late soldier's family in England. With some trepidation he was now ready to hand over the letter and relate a tale to the family which he hopes will help them understand and bring closure to what really happened to their loved one in Ireland.

Suitable for ages 18 years plus.

Available in Amazon Kindle Bookstore in three formats. Hard Cover, Glossy Cover and eBook fomat.

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