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Hello and Welcome to my Website

A Bit About Me

When the pandemic hit and we were all forced into lockdown I was determined to do what I had always intended to undertake in years past. That is, to put down in paper stories that were swimming around in my head and be disciplined enough to work on them every day.

 Well, if you go to MY STORIES now you will have some idea how I have spent my time. On there you will discover how to access the stories. There are childrens' tales and adventure stories for both adult and older children.

Find these stories on Amazon Kindle in the Amazon Bookstore via the links at each story.

In NEW STORIES I will keep you up to date with the projects that will be available soon and others that are in the pipeline.

If you wish to CONTACT me the relevant details are included on the last page of the site.

07813713033 /
Belfast 028 90760669



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